21 Days to a More Relaxed You

How do you want to feel?

Join the 21 Day Tea Ritual Challenge! ~ It's free!

Feel like your day flies by? Have you found yourself holding your breath? Maybe you've noticed you're clenching your jaw or furrowing your brow? 

It takes about 21 days to form a habit, and a tea ritual can change the way you feel in just a few minutes a day.

Do you want to feel:

  • Energized
  • Rejuvenated
  • Relaxed
  • Recharged
  • Rested
  • In control of your day -- and your life?

21 Days to recharge...and change the world.

The 21 Day Tea Ritual Challenge resets your life one sip at a time.

A wise woman told me, "Life is a series of problems. We're tasked with learning to handle them gracefully."

The way we feel and react to problems impacts those around us.

We add or subtract from the love and compassion in this world daily.

How do you want to impact the world?

Here's what you get when you join this (FREE) challenge.

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You get a personal cheerleader, help creating a tea ritual, & tips for success! PLUS, join the Closed FB Group to get even more motivation to stick to it from your fellow tea peeps.

About your Hostess, Dina Cataldo

Dina is the founder of Sicilian Tea Company and has been a lawyer for over a decade.  

She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 29. When chemo seemed like a vacay compared to her trial case load, she knew she needed to change her lifestyle.  

One step on her path was investigating tea for its health benefits. She realized that she was drinking tea "wrong" for years.  

She created the free 21 Day Tea Ritual Challenge to encourage people to take time each day to enjoy their tea (and their life) more.

You can find her on YouTube and Facebook talking about tea & how to live your best life each Tuesday.

What the community wants you to know about the 21 Day Tea Ritual Challenge...

Slow down

"The Challenge gave me the opportunity to make time for myself. It's nice to slow down and not multitask. I loved tea, but I realized that I wasn't fully enjoying it. I was plopping a teaball in a cup and not being mindful. Watching the tea change color made it an experience. If each thing in life had a joyful ritual to it, how beautiful would our day be?"  

- Angela Saltis

Set a positive tone for the day

"The Challenge was a good way to take time for myself. I enjoyed reading the thoughts and quotes for each day. Rather than starting the day off and running, it set a positive tone for the day."  

- Katie Covert