Once upon a time, I thought tea dust in paper bags with strings attached by staples was the gold standard of tea.

Those days are long gone.

A breast cancer diagnosis gave me the opportunity to research the best brews out there. And guess what? Tea dust isn’t on the menu.

What’s tea dust?

It’s those fine particles of tea you’ll find crushed into those little baggies.

Why Sicilian Tea Company?

One night after work I stood in front of boxes and boxes of tea at the grocery store, and I knew there must be a better way. 

I was tired of

  • schlepping to the store for tea,
  • feeling guilty for the wasted staples, waxy paper, and foil wrap that came with it
  • having no clue where the tea originated
  • seeing “artificial flavoring” in the ingredients list. (Really? With all the tasty organic herbs and spices out there, they’re still using artificial flavorings? C’mon!)
  • sacrificing flavor and health for convenience.
  • and where does all that money go, anyway?

As much as I spent on tea, I wanted the whole shebang. 

That’s why Sicilian Tea Company uses only the best teas and whole ingredients in tea and herbal blends.

All packaging down to the business cards use recyclable materials, and all of the pretty packaging materials use 100% post-consumer products (aka “waste).

There are stylish tea accessories in the shop that are easy to use at the office or at home.

I strive to create connection with you and hope that you find a meaningful connection with yourself through programs like the 21 Day Tea Ritual Challenge.

And part of profits go to non-profits helping children in low-income environments, because I believe that children are the foundation for making the world a better place now and in the future.

I fell in love with tea in a café in Egypt.

Conversations between new friends spilled out easily when we held glasses of black tea filled to the brim with fresh mint leaves (and a heavy dose of sugar). Did you know that tea dust is all they drink there? Really sad.

Less than 10 years later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I put my legal career on hold for chemo and radiation, and I came out the other side healthier both mentally and physically.

I still love tea, but now I’m aware of its health benefits when done right. Gone are the days when I poured spoonfuls of sugar into my tea, and I’ve become more conscious of not only what I choose to put into my body but what I choose to put into the environment.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. Please take advantage of the resources on this website to discover more about tea and how creating a relaxing ritual can change your life. 

Looking for a place to start? I created the FREE 21 Day Tea Ritual Challenge to get you started. Click here to join the next one. 


Dina Cataldo

Founder and Tea Lover

Sicilian Tea Company