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Breathe life into your day.

Breathe life into your day.

I heard this quote today, and I fell in love with it. Elizabeth Gilbert (love her) mentioned it in an interview, and it blew my mind.

“A person will be called to account on Judgment Day for every permissible thing he might have enjoyed but did not.”

-The Talmud

Pretty revolutionary, right?

It matches up with the yogic axiom, “Laughter and play is the fountain of youth.”

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, this quote hit home because it meant we are REQUIRED to find pleasure in daily life. It’s a freaking requirement!

If we don’t find the beauty, life and deliciousness in every day life, then we’re taking this world for granted.

This perspective is a long way from my upbringing of, “Work until you can’t work anymore, and if you have time to relax, that means you’re not working hard enough. So go back to work.”

Does that refrain sound familiar to you?

If so, you may like this idea of it being essential to enjoy your life.

I’m not talking about getting trashed at a party or doing anything reckless. I’m talking about taking in the simple pleasures of being human daily.

You’re officially given permission to unwind, unplug, and reset.

Here’s 10 ways to use this newfound permission to do something frivolous, wonderful, and completely essential to living a pleasure-filled life.

1. Listen to your favorite song.

Don’t do anything else. Just listen. Listen to the rhythm, the notes, the words. Take in what the musician wanted you to feel.

2. Create a mini-garden with something you love.

It can be herbs, flowers, cacti. The act of nurturing creates a connection with the world by caring for a tiny piece of something that sprouted from it.

For you black thumbs out there: it’s okay if it dies. You can grown something else next time. Or you can start a rock garden. 🙂

3. Display photos of your favorite people and places.

Lay them out on the floor, and design something unique. Each time you see those people and friends you love, you can enjoy the wonders of the beautiful people in your life and remember the fun times you had.

4. Create a ritual around something you love.

For me, it’s a tea ritual. Your ritual can include lighting candles, soaking in a bubble bath, getting lost in a book. Think of what you enjoy most, and make a ritual out of it. (Here’s more about creating a ritual of your own.)

And another thing? If you have something in your life you simply can’t stand doing, try creating a ritual around it. Light a scented candle and play relaxing music while you’re washing the dishes, sip your tea while paying your bills, you get the idea. Make your daily grind activities more pleasurable.

Want to take the 21 Day Tea Ritual Challenge? It’s free. Click here to join in!

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My tea ritual includes quiet time for reflection, flowers, and pretty tea cups.

5.  Take a walk.

Take in the sounds of birds singing, leaves rustling in the wind or the airplane flying overhead. They’re reminders of the delights surrounding us. Most of us (including myself) take these gifts for granted. Take a moment to appreciate them.

6. Go to a museum.

Museums create a connection with our pasts and expands our minds to what’s possible with a little ingenuity. It also allows our mind to dance over artwork that seems frivolous but creates so much enjoyment. That’s the whole point of this exercise, right?

7. Place fresh flowers around your house.

Each week, I go to the farmer’s market and buy $5 of flowers that last me 1-2 weeks. It took me a while to make this a habit because I felt like $5 was a waste of money. The flowers are going to die, right? But I LOVE flowers. Why should I deny myself the pleasure of seeing these beautiful creations daily? I can afford $5. Maybe for you, something else fills this need for beauty in your life. Scented candles? Luscious oils? Find what you enjoy and incorporate it into your day.

8. Find your words to live by, and frame them.

It’s inspiring to have reminders of our reason for being. I’ve found four words that describe what I want from life (thanks, Danielle LaPorte – read the Desire Map to learn more). I’ve framed them and placed them on my desk where I see them daily. Find your favorite quote, print them out, and place them somewhere you’ll be reminded to live your best life.

Pleasure, words to live by, danielle laporte, the desire map

9. Take a nap.

In 30 minutes, you can feel revitalized and ready to take on the day. Indulge! Almost nothing is more pleasurable to me than a midday nap. Our bodies allow us to do so many things. Give it time to rest.

10. Play for 10 uninterrupted minutes.

Have a dance party. Play with your baby, dog, or kitty. Sing in the shower (only 5 minutes for this one – we’re in a drought, y’know). Finger paint. Sculpt Play Dough. Paint with friends over a glass of wine. Whatever. Just do it without thinking about anything else. Making this time for play shows ourselves loves, and lets those around us know we love them. This is about connecting with ourselves and connecting with those we love.

Here’s your permission slip: Breath life into your day and appreciate the little things that we’re meant to enjoy.

What’re you going to do to add a little pleasure into your life? Tell me in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Dina Cataldo 
Founder & Pleasure Seeker
Sicilian Tea Company


2 thoughts on “Breathe life into your day.

  1. Karen Baker says:

    Dina, I am an artist who makes functional wares, majolica. I volunteer with a sellers group that I am a member of. I also in the last year started to TNR the cats in my community. At the moment I am holding 4 kittens even though wild they are a joy as I connect to each. Their Mom was TNR’d last week but found there was one neighbor not thrilled with my accomplishments and wanted them gone. So everyone is here including Mom as I acclimate them to their new surroundings and get them ready for surgery in about 4 weeks.
    Yesterday I was whipped, and took several long naps, with no guilt. Connected to several songs on Soul-tv. McFadden and Whitehead’s Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now, Bill Withers Lean on Me, are just a few. I think I absolutely had to do everything I could to get, good energy. The situation is always changing with the kittens and I need to be ready to listen, and respond for their interest.This last month I got up and fed, did drive byes to see where they were(Mom moved them at least 3 times). Keeping track in this Florida heat was draining. So I am happy to have them all where I don’t have to search for them and worry for their safety. This time gave me a chance to have focus and observe a life cycle of nature and change. As I observed, I kept a log for feeding and behavior, but my feelings are there as well. Thank you for your guidance and advice on taking care of myself, KarenBaker P.S. I live but a couple of miles from the mass shooting that took place here in Orlando, I have friends here that are just devastated at the act of hate put on their community.

    • says:

      Hi Karen. I’m so glad you’re taking care of yourself. It sounds like you put a lot of energy into your loves, so it’s good that you’re giving yourself permission to take rest. And it’s great that you’re putting love out into the world where there can be so much misdirected anger. Xoxo, Dina

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