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Inside My Tea Studio

My Tea Studio

You want some insight into my personal life? Here’s a peek into my tea “studio.”

My friends know I love tea. Not just any old tea bag will do. I’m talking about loose leaf teas.

I love that there are different ways to brew it, that certain spices and herbs enhance flavor notes in the tea, and blending teas and spices to create unique and delicious infusions.

To give you some insight into my creative process, I thought it would be fun to talk about my tea studio/cabinet today.

My Tea Cabinet
My Tea Cabinet

I think of my cabinet as my art studio.

I have tons of ingredients in my spice drawers (that’s a different article altogether), but I have a few things that I keep all in one place, so I can play mad scientist whenever I like.

(For my guide to the 10 Essential Plants for your tea cabinet, click here.)

Every morning, I wake up and start some hot water. I blend a tea I like with spices and herbs or just choose one tea to drink all by its lonesome.

I also have tons of my own teas in the cabinet (because why make them if you don’t love them) including Lola, Catarina, Francesca, Lucia and a couple blends I’m still working on, so they’re super secret. 😉

I stash my favorite tea cups and brew tools all in one place. (One of my favorite tools is my brew in mug gadget — you can get one here).

I also have some measuring essentials: a teaspoon, and 1/8 teaspoon and an 8 ounce measuring cup. Having these handy ensure I make consistent brews, and I can translate them into larger batches.

I start by making an 8 ounce cup of tea using about 1 teaspoon of a base ingredient (think any tea, chamomile, rooibos or other herb), and I add other ingredients starting with 1/8 teaspoons. It’s really a trial and error process.

If you’re doing this at home, start by using a total of 2 teaspoons of ingredients for 1 cup of water. Start with your 1 ounce base ingredient, then add other ingredients using your 1/8 teaspoon until you reach your 2 teaspoon mark. Pour over the hot water and let brew about 3 minutes before you sip. If you don’t like it, pour it out and adjust your ingredients.

The great thing about tea blending is that you can experiment with minimal risk of wasting time. It doesn’t take that long to create a brew, and if you like it, you make a lot of it. If you don’t like it, get rid of it. (It’s compostable, so it’s good for your garden.)

Not shown, a notepad and pencil that you’ll need if you want to remember your brews. A coffee grinder used ONLY to blend spices. The oils in coffee mess with the taste of the spices.

If you want some simple recipes to get you started, this guide will help you out.

My Tea Studio

Quick & Easy List

Here’s a quick & easy list to get you started on your own tea experiments.

  • 10 Essential Plants and whatever other ingredients you like
  • 8 ounce measure cup
  • teaspoon
  • 1/8 teaspoon
  • brewing device (the brew in mug is my favorite, but you can you a simple sieve)
  • hot water
  • notepad
  • pencil
  • coffee grinder for spices only
  • a teacup/mug

Hope you have fun making your own tea studio,

Much love,

Dina Cataldo
Founder & Tea Lover
Sicilian Tea Company

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