14 Day Tea Tour

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Savor 14 teas from around the globe in 14 days. (Or take longer, no pressure!)

This set is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about what the world of tea has to offer.

You’ll get 14 singles serve samples of responsibly sourced teas that brew more than 60 cups of tea when brewed as directed.

You’ll get a two-part downloadable guide walking you step by step through the world of teas, how they’re processed, and where these particular teas come from.

Scroll down to get the answers to frequently asked questions.

The 14 Day Tea Tour is what I WISH I had when I first started learning about tea. I sipped a lot of mediocre tea to discover the world of handcrafted direct trade teas. I’m bringing these handcrafted teas to you in the 14 Day Tea Tour.” ~ Dina Cataldo

Each tea in the 14 Day Tea Tour is lovingly hand-packaged in just the right amount for you to brew. There’s over 56 cups of tea are within these leaves. That breaks down to 0.66 cents per cup of tea.

The labels on each package detail EXACTLY how to brew each tea for optimal flavor. That means that you’ll get the water temperature and brewing time needed for each steep. Remember: each tea steeps between 3 to 5 times. You can’t do that with tea dust!

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