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Save Time with this Spring Cleaning

Zen Spring Cleaning

Each spring, I walk through my house to see what I want or need to organize. I like to purge my closets too to see if there’s anything I can sell at a yard sale. (Let it clutter up someone else’s closet, I say!)

This blog is all about using a bit of your time to save you time in the long run. These are seemingly little things that we overlook when we’re rushing through our day.

If you use a few minutes of your morning or evening to do one or two of these suggestions, you’ll find your routines are simpler, and you may be just a bit more happy with your surroundings.

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1. Bathroom (15 minutes)

We spend most of our morning routine here. Does your morning routine flow easily, or do you have to grab at multiple spots in your bathroom to get the stuff you need to get pretty?

One morning I found myself doing just that when I realized there must be a better way. So I placed everything that I used in the order that I used them in one place where I can get to them easily.

This may be TMI, but just as an example, I’ll get into my routine. I like to put on my deodorant first (I don’t want to forget that!), so that’s the first item on my shelf in the medicine cabinet. Then I like to place my moisturizers and SPF on my face, so I have those next in order, and so on.

Think about your routine when you get home from work too. What items do you like to have handy and should be near one another?

It seems control freakish, but it ended a lot of aggravation for me in the morning.

2.  That table you forgot you own because it’s covered in paper (20 minutes)

It may be your dining room table or your living room table, but we all have a spot in our home where we stack things we mean to get to… “soon.” (If you don’t, please share your secret. And I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can ever invite you over to my house. I’ll feel like you’re judging me.)

Time to go through your stack! Take 20 minutes to dig in and figure out what needs to go in a drawer, box, be shredded, or recycle. It’s really not too bad. You can do it while you’re watching Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton flirt on the Voice.

Spring clean, spring cleaning, quick spring clean, quick spring cleaning, save time
This is what a clean table is supposed to look like…so I’ve been told.

3. Desk (10-15 minutes)

Is your desk tidy or is it a place where post-it notes go to die? Time to figure out if you’re really using all the stuff that’s sitting on top of your desk. Doing this helps you work more efficiently when you’re at your desk because you won’t be distracted by things in the corner of your eye. (As I write this, I’m looking at a stack of post-its with little notes that I need to do stuff with or just throw away. It’s killin’ me!)

4. Kitchen (15 minutes)

Do you have a morning or evening routine that involves the kitchen? For me, it’s my tea ritual in the morning and cooking dinner at night.

Create a space where you have everything you need for your routines as close together as possible.

For example, my mornings are a lot easier since I organized my rituals. I have all my tea supplies in one area – kettle, teas, teacups – as well as my glasses for water and some lemons for my lemon water. Makes it super easy to get going in the morning with minimal effort.

While you’re figuring out your kitchen, you should check out “9 Quick Tips to Perk Up Your Morning Tea” to get some ideas for your morning tea.

5. Your garden (10 minutes)

Make your garden chores simple. Place all your pretty green things in one area near your watering hose, so you can water them all at once. If you’re having a party, you can always move them to wherever you want, but what’s the point of wasting time each morning moving from place to place if they can all be in one place when you feed and water them? Keep their food near them too, so you don’t forget to feed them. Plants need snacks too.

BONUS: Perk up your home with a couple quick tips

  • Just add flowers

I used to forgo getting pretty flowers for my home because I thought they were too expensive or because I felt they were a waste since they died. But I decided I like flowers so much that they’re worth the extra expense. Heck, just adding a few lavender clippings to my living room perks me up when I see them. If you don’t want to watch flowers shrivel up, consider buying a house plant. They’re good for the air, and they add a little life to your surroundings.

spring cleaning, save time, zen spring clean, quick spring cleaning
Flowers just make everything more delish, don’t they?
  • Add a scented candle or potpourri

There’s something about a scented candle that makes me happy. I feel like my home is prettier when it smells nice. And I think people appreciate that my house doesn’t smell like dog or cat when they walk in.

  • Put up a picture frame with something meaningful

If there’s place you find your eyes drifting at a point during the day, think about adding a pretty picture frame with a picture that makes you happy. It can be a quote you love too. Just add something that will brighten your day when you see it.

Hope you found this useful. Share it if you did.

If you have a declutter time saver of your own, share it in the comments below.

Happy decluttering!

Dina Cataldo, Director of Spring Decluttering at Sicilian Tea Company

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