Sicilian Story, Gloucester, Terassini, Salvatore Orlando

“Up in the Air!” – A Sicilian Story

Every story — here, a Sicilian Story — is full of magic.

Or potential, if you like that word better. (But why would you?)

Do you feel like your life is full of magic, or feel that it’s ho-hum?

Do you greet each day like it’s a miracle you opened your eyes, or with a heavy sigh?

You can guess which one will help you greet each day with a smile. 🙂

I want to tell you a Sicilian story that brings a smile to my face each New Year.

My great-grandfather was a fisherman who made his way from the waterfront town of Terrasini, Sicily to the sleepy sea-side town of Gloucester, Massachusetts in the early 1900s.

Each year on New Years’ Eve, he’d open the window to his home, and he’d shout, “Up in the air! Up in the air!”

He’d shout this over and over into the night air.

The thing is, no one understood what he said.

Sicilian Story, Orlando family, Gloucester, Terrasini, Sicily
Lucretia and Salvatore Orlando circa 1935.

What was that crazy Sicilian man shouting to everyone?

“Happy New Year!”

At least, it was “Happy New Year” in his broken English. 🙂

For me, this simple Sicilian story is filled with magic.

It’s the story of an immigrant who came to American with high hopes. A man just like many men and women, who left Sicily and other parts of Europe at the beginning of the 20th century who didn’t speak English, who weren’t skilled, and who didn’t have two nickels to scrape together.

It’s the story of a man who wanted to escape poverty to try to bring opportunities to future generations of his family. Why else leave your comforting and familiar surroundings for a life full of uncertainty?

He was trying to create a life – generations of lives – full of magic. Full of potential.

This year, count your blessings.

See the magic that had to happen to get you to where you are today.

What were the amazing “coincidences” that had to occur to make you who you are?

Then, take one more step.

Ask yourself where you can add a little magic to someone else’s life.

I’m happy to say that in 2016, Sicilian Tea Company donated to the Nurse-Family Partnership again. It’s goal is to change the lives of future generations by creating a strong foundation for them for vulnerable first time mothers. In other words: create magic.

Through the Nurse-Family Partnership, registered nurses visit low-income, first-time moms get the support they need to provide care for their children and become economically self-sufficient. Okay, this isn’t technically magic – it’s an evidence-based community health program.That means it’s been proven to work.

If you feel so inclined, consider donating to the Nurse Family Partnership.

The next time you find yourself commenting on how horrible or crazy things are in this world. Remember that change starts with you.

Here’s one thing you can do to make a difference in your own life in 2017.

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Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with magic and possibilities,



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Sicilian Story, Sicily, Gloucester
Orlando Family circa 1960s. (Lucretia and Salvatore are back center.)