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Want Power? 5 Things Taylor Swift Already Knows.

Want Power? 5 Things Taylor Swift Already Knows.

“What do you think of Ronda Rousey? She’s pretty great, right?” said my friend out of the blue as we walked to Anthro last weekend.

I said, “Yeah, she’s awesome.” I asked her why she thought Rousey was great, and she said she liked that she was so strong mentally and physically.

This got me thinking. There’ve been a lot of young influential women in the news lately: Taylor Swift, Ronda Rousey, and Ruby Rose came to mind. Looking at their accomplishments makes me feel lazy, but they also motivate me to think about what real power is.

How do you evoke real power?

Power isn’t bullying, shaming or manipulating – although we see plenty of examples of that. Those are all superficial demonstrations of power coming from the insecure and weak.

True power comes from knowing yourself and wielding influence to make the world better. It’s doing what you want and not being stopped by naysayers (aka jerks).

Here’s what powerful women have in common and exercises you can do to take charge of your life.

1. Focus.

Confident women have determination and fearlessness in spades. You have a goal, and you keep moving towards it. It doesn’t matter if people don’t believe in you or you’re bullied; you keep going.

Taylor Swift knows she has to keep going if she wants to be the best. She keeps practicing when her bandmates take a break.

She takes calculated risks. Forbes named Swift one of the 100 most powerful women of 2015. Part of this recognition is due to Swift pulling her music from Spotify earlier this year because she wasn’t being paid fairly. She risked losing fans and sales, but her move worked. Her album 1999 went to the top of the charts (and I bought my copy on iTunes). And she’s a businesswoman who is focused on establishing herself as a business and maintaining creative control.


I don’t become ready, it’s just something that I am. – Ronda Rousey

This has gotta be my favorite quote right now.

If you who don’t know who Ronda Rousey is, she’s UFC’s Women’s Bantamweight Champion and is an Olympian in judo. She can basically kick your butt blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back.

Rousey is so confident, so focused, that she’s ready at any moment to do what she’s good at – beating the crap out of people. I imagine she’s focused in every aspect of her life after seeing this interview about her obsession with Pokemon.

And she doesn’t let other fighters’ trash talk get to her. She uses it to fuel her focus on winning.

This year, Rousey fought Brazilian Bethe Correia who said that she hoped Rousey didn’t kill herself after she lost. It’s been well-documented that Rousey’s father committed suicide when she was young, so this was way below the belt.

Rousey kept her focus and beat the stuffing out of her opponent in 34 seconds. 

Your action: What is it that you want to do more than anything? Write it down and make a written plan on how you’re going to do it.

2. Personality, Personality, Personality.

Ruby Rose, Taylor Swift and Ronda Rousey use their personalities to further their goals.

You may know Ruby Rose from Orange in the New Black. I don’t watch the show (I know, heresy), but Ruby Rose came to my attention one night as I watched Extra. I was fascinated by the idea of gender fluidity and her courage in discussing it. Ruby Rose doesn’t feel the need to change her gender physically, and she expresses herself both as a man and a woman. I did a little research, and she produced a short film in 2014 showing a physical transition between her feminine and masculine selves. It’s beautiful, and you can watch it here. Talk about infusing your life into your art.

Taylor Swift is queen of marketing, and it’s because of her personality. She’s that loveably sweet dorky girl who happens to be pretty (and talented and savvy). She has raving fans because she connects with them. She shows them she’s a real person and values them.

And take a look at this ad from Metro PCS that infuses Ronda Rousey’s personality into it. It shows a glamorous side, a tough side, a surf babe side and a lovable dog lover side.  I love it.

Your action: Do you change your personality to fit in? What do you love about your personality and why?

3.  Support other women.

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” – Madeline Albright

While writing this, I lurked at some social media pages, and found these posts. Special props to Ruby Rose supporting Rousey and Swift both.

An Instagram post from Ruby Rose:

Ruby Rose Instagram Taylor Swift

And a tweet about Rousey’s new book:

“The @RondaRousey book is awesome.. So awesome you have to read it more than once.”

Ruby Rose Twitter Ronda RouseyA tweet about Taylor Swift’s heroes: “Tonight Joan Baez and Julia Roberts danced in out to ‘Style’. These two women are my heroes. What an honor.”

Taylor Swift twitter Julia Roberts Joan Baez














An Instagram from Rousey on her project supporting women with body image issues:

Ronda Rousey #DNB campaignYour action: Where do you support other women in your life? If you don’t now, where can you start?

4. Give.

Powerful women wield influence to do good.

One thing that struck me about Ruby Rose’s Extra interview was that she was genuinely surprised that people were there just for her. She gave her time freely and spoke with fans on her way out. Rose also uses her time and celebrity to support causes like earthquake relief in Nepal in her Instagram page, volunteering in Africa and Laos and acting as an ambassador for an Australian youth mental health initiative called Headspace.

Taylor Swift financially supports arts education, children’s literacy, victims of natural disasters  – really there’s not enough space to keep writing, so check this link out for more. And even fans who  are struggling with financial hardships.

Ronda Rousey supports Black Jaguar Tiger Foundation – saving big cats from circuses and zoos. She also has a clothing line with Represent supporting mental health services and women with body images.

Your action: What causes do you care about? What can you do to help? 

5. Gratitude.

They know they’re living the dream, and they thank their lucky stars. They know they work hard, but they also know not everyone gets to live the lives they do.

These interviews show their personality and also show how grateful they are. Click on the links to get to know them better.

Ronda Rousesy’s post match interview shows her gratitude to everyone who helped her get where she is.

Taylor Swift’s interview gets into her mental process releasing an album, focus and having gratitude. 

Ruby Rose’s Extra TV interview shows her gratitude for her newfound success.

Your action: Do you have gratitude? How can you show gratitude? (This article can get you started.)

Each of us has the ability to be powerful in our own way. It’s up to you find your niche and go for it!

Much love,

Dina Cataldo
Founder & Tea Lover
Sicilian Tea Company

P.S. Name one woman you think is powerful, and tell me why in the comments below!

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