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What Have You Done for [You] Lately?

Every so often, I feel off.

You’ve felt that too, right? You’ve worked one too many hours at the office or spent one too many nights thinking about a problem that’s come up in your life, and you MAY have missed a yoga class or four. And you’re just not taking care of you.

That was me this week.

Luckily, I stumbled into an interview of Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah. (Check it out here.) In it she talked about her wonderful husband and wondered to a friend of hers, “How did I win this life?” She explained that her friend told her, “Because you blossomed into the sort of person who attracted a man like that. And you learned how to treat yourself so well — on your own — that when someone came along who treated you well, you finally realized what that feels like.”

What have I done for me lately? (Ooohoooyah.)

I started thinking about what kind of men I attract into my life. I realized that I attract men who treat me as an afterthought. And why is that? Because I treat myself as an afterthought.

I give tons of energy to my work, creativity and maintaining the day to day of my life (washing the dishes, walking the dog, going to the office, starting a business), but I don’t consciously and consistently place energy into myself.

And I don’t mean that I don’t have healthy self esteem. But I don’t always take the time to intentionally do nice things for myself. Y’know, like you’d want your significant other to do for you. (Or like what McDreamy did before Shonda Rimes did what she did…I’m still not over that.)

Airlines make it a point to tell you to place the oxygen mask on yourself before your kids. They know that to take care of others, you need to take care of yourself first. (If you need a refresher, this will give you a laugh.)

So what did I do once I figured this out? I took steps to show me that I matter.

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You probably need that oxygen mask more if you live here.











It’s said that the subconscious mind picks up on cues. So subconscious, pick up on this:

  1. Scheduled a massage
  2. Got some new makeup
  3. Ordered a pretty cardigan and a pair of shoes
  4. Got a delicious smelling candle
  5. Spent some me time with my favorite cup of tea
  6. Worked out

What’s the use of working hard if you don’t take a moment to enjoy being you?

This week I’ve spent so much time on all the moving parts outside of me that make up my life that I missed the point. I need to take care of myself too. And I need to make myself more than just an afterthought.

Now tell me one thing you do to show yourself that you matter in the comments below.

Lots of love,

Dina Cataldo
Founder & Tea Lover
Sicilian Tea Company

P.S. “I never rest for less than I deserve.” – Janet. Watch her 1980s fabulousness here.



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